How This Works

Interested in getting in touch with a cannabis coach? Please provide your email address in our Quick Survey, and we will reach out to schedule your first session. Or, you can select the service that best fits your needs and immediately schedule your first session.


We offer 30-minute sessions to our clients priced at $50. We also offer subscription-based plans that enable you to purchase three-, five- or seven-session packages and receive 15% to 20% off.


We offer three ways to connect with a cannabis coach:


  • By phone

  • Online via video conferencing, such as Facetime

  • Online via web conferencing, such as WebEx

Our services may include some or all of the following guides, which have been specially designed to help you use your medicine most effectively.


  • Cannabinoid and Endocannabinoid Foods and Activities Guide

  • Cannabis Shopping Guide

  • Introduction to Cannabis Inhalation Guide

  • Introduction to Cannabis Tincture Guide

  • Tincture Guide

  • Vaporizer Guide

  • Sensitization Protocol Tincture Guide

  • Sensitization Protocol Inhalation Guide

  • Inner Inventory


Please provide your name and email address and a cannabis coach will be in touch.


Tel: 973-294-4045

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