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Based in Northern New Jersey, The Healing Herb Principal Dennis Lento has enjoyed a rich, diverse career. He spent the first 25 years of his professional life a as a successful sales manager working in audiovisual equipment system design and integration. Now, Lento brings his wealth of communication, sales, and consultancy experience to bear at The Healing Herb, working hand-in-glove with clients to select cannabis products that meet their needs.


His experience with cannabis started with recreational use nearly 40 years ago. “I first heard about cannabis in 1978,” recalls Lento. “I was in middle school, and my reaction as a 14-year-old was to stay away and have nothing to do with it.”

It wasn’t until after college that Lento gave in to curiosity and tried cannabis for the first time. “I remember enjoying the feelings of happiness, positivity, silliness, laughter, and lift of my overall spirit,” he recalls of the experience. “There were also physical side effects I enjoyed, such as the numbness in my cheekbones and squinting of my eyes. Right there and then, I was hooked.”


Lento remained a recreational cannabis user until 2007 when he was diagnosed with a devastating diagnosis: cancer. He had a large mass in his chest that was pushing against his left lung and esophagus. Lento endured chemotherapy and radiation treatments for more than six months to treat the cancer. “Those therapies were grueling and extremely difficult on my body and mind,” he explains. “It was then that I discovered the medicinal advantages of cannabis, which helped me deal with nausea, bone pain, PTSD, anxiety, and stress.”


Lento remained a daily user until July 2018 when he faced his second life-threatening medical crisis. As a result of his prior cancer radiation treatments, his aortic valve had been badly damaged. Subsequently, he underwent successful surgery to replace his aortic valve.


In a twist of fate, medical cannabis became legal in New Jersey shortly after his surgery. “I remember seeing my cannabis doctor for the first time while dealing with pain, depression, PTSD, stress, and overall sadness after my valve replacement,” says Lento. “I asked him what strains he recommended for the specific ailments I was dealing with, but, unfortunately, he could only tell me to try indica strains, which did not prove therapeutic for my ailments.”


Lento began voraciously researching NJ dispensaries to see what available strains would treat his particular symptoms: “I remember wishing there was someone to help me go through all of the strains I had access to in New Jersey, but I quickly determined that there was no resource besides strain search engines and the dispensaries’ budtenders—whose knowledge and time were extremely limited.”


Eager to help himself and other cannabis consumers, Lento completed a Master Cannabis Certification from the Cannabis Training University along with being Healer Certified. 


Armed with his certifications, Lento launched The Healing Herb. “The Healing Herb is the ultimate resource that cannabis users can count on to gain the knowledge they need to make the correct decision on how to consume cannabis,” emphasizes Lento. “Our goal is to empower, educate, and inspire every user.”



  • Cannabis Training University Master of Cannabis

  • Healer Wellness Advisor Certified

  • Medical Marijuana 411 Budtender Certified

  • Principal — The Healing Herb

  • Medical Cannabis Patient since 2018

  • 25 Years Audio Visual System Sales and Design


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