"Botanical medicine is a much more fuzzy kind of a slow medicine, and it does require a lot of time, and it requires at least somebody helping the patient who knows what they are doing who can make proper suggestions."

Dr. Jake Felice, Medical Marijuana 411

This chart illustrates the components found in cannabis, called cannabinoids, that have been found to have healing properties for our bodies and our minds. Do you suffer from any of these conditions?

Personal Coach

Would you like to work with a cannabis coach over time to learn what works best for you?

Ask a Coach

Can you get the information you need to start getting more from your medicine in one session?

Cannabis 101

Are you new to cannabis and believe you would benefit from an introductory session?

Our services may include some or all the following guides, which have been specially designed to help you use your medicine most effectively.


  • Cannabinoid and Endocannabinoid Foods and Activities Guide

  • Cannabis Shopping Guide

  • Introduction to Cannabis Inhalation Guide

  • Introduction to Cannabis Tincture Guide

  • Tincture Guide

  • Vaporizer Guide

  • Sensitization Protocol Tincture Guide

  • Sensitization Protocol Inhalation Guide

  • Inner Inventory

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